Misinformation about the Budget from Larry Kirby

Image by  Andrew Khoroshavin  from  Pixabay

Over the last several weeks my opponent has been claiming that there is a budget issue in Clemmons and that he is going to fix it.

There is not a budget issue. And even if there was, it is not the mayor’s job to fix it.

Our Council is the only entity allowed by law to create and approve the budget. In 2017, the general fund balance was $8,485,239. In 2018, the general fund balance was $9,066,421. In 2019, the general fund balance is projected to be $7,825,586.

Why has the general fund balance decreased? Because we are completing long-planned and much-needed capital improvements.

We are building a parallel road near the Kmart called Market Center Drive. This road will go from the Village Inn, through the Lowes parking lot, and all the way to Cook Ave. to help ease congestion. We are also building a sidewalk on Highway 158 from Middlebrook Road to Tanglewood Park.

The Village committed to these projects long before the last election. You can read more about the budget here. Like other projects, we are paying for these capital improvements as we go. In fact, earlier this year the Council decided not to pursue any new projects during the MPO’s last call for projects to make sure we can safely budget for the ones that we already have going.

The mayor’s job is to make sure Council meetings run well, and to make sure that the community’s voice is heard on a topic, if necessary.

Rest assured, if there was a budget issue, I would have already voiced a concern.

Under our Village’s charter, our local constitution, the mayor has no power to fix, veto, or change a Council-approved budget. Any claim that the mayor can fix the budget is simply not correct. Every year we provide opportunities for public input before the budget is adopted by Council. You can read the minutes from our Council meetings here.

Mr. Kirby has never attended a Council meeting to inform anyone of his budget concerns.

Like last campaign, I will be sticking with facts rather than generalities and speculation. I hope to have your vote on November 5th.

Mayor John Wait